Why our kids need to earn their own money?



My kids are like everybody else’s kids, they like to have and spend money. I don’t want to just hand over the cash at their every whim because that sends the wrong message. I like to pay my kids by the job. My oldest daughter babysits for her two younger siblings at times and she earns money from that job. One thing she knows is that she should work for her income. She also has a part time job at the local movie theatre. She recently decided to take a trip to the beach on spring break. With that decision came the understanding that she would have to come up with spending cash. She has sent out texts to friends and family concerning her dilemma of needing to raise cash. She let them know that she is available to house sit, babysit, or dog sit. She has asked for more hours at work and hit me up for extra chores at home. I see getting my windows cleaned this spring.What this does for our kids:

1)      Teaches responsibility

2)      Builds self-esteem

3)      They need to know how to earn a living, that life is not a free ride.

4)      They realize they are productive members of society

5)      They learn financial responsibility

This is a valuable lesson that our children need to learn. They also need to be able to feel good about themselves. Talk to them about why you want them to earn money on their own. Share with them what you are trying to teach them. Yes, I am sure they will complain at first, but someday they will thank you. This is a great way to Invite Excellence into your children’s Life. Don’t deny them the opportunity to let their AWESOME shine.

  • Great article! I love it!

    Sometimes I get funny looks from people when I tell them we use this method. They feel like if we can afford it, we should just provide it for our kids.

    I came from the bottom of the barrel where I was raised by a single mom and she couldn’t do simple things like “allowance.” Therefore we had to go out and mow lawns, babysit, and figure out other ways to earn. I want to teach my kids the same principles.

    My little ones (4 under the age of 7) all know they need to use their manners (please and thank you) and people are surprised by that. Even my 18 month old does it! These are the lessons I don’t see a lot of parents teaching their children

    • Allan – Thanks for the great comments. Our kids need education outside the four walls of school.