Where’s your sanctuary?

Although we are human beings, we are spiritual beings as well. We need to have rest for our mind, body, and spirit. We were not designed for the continual bombardment of entertainment of today. Just like you need a nap for your body when it’s tired, you also need rest for the mind and spirit. This is one of the greatest ways to re-energize and refocus. Allow your mind to slow down.


Our minds are extremely powerful and creative. Abraham Lincoln was a great example of someone using downtime to allow his mind to find answers. When he would get stuck and need to make a decision, he would think about the problem and then go for a walk. He wouldn’t think about the problem on his walk. He would look at the trees and the flowers. He would look at their intricate details. This would allow his mind to rest and enjoy the show around him. During his walk or shortly thereafter, the solution would come to him concerning his problem. He knew the power of allowing his mind to rest, which would engage its creative abilities.

Everyone needs a sanctuary where they can get away and be quiet. To just sit and be. The picture inserted is an actual picture of my sanctuary. That is a picture of the sun coming up from my covered patio. I often steal away to my sanctuary to read, pray, and just be still. I sit and watch all the nature around me. It’s where I get grounded and reconnected with what’s truly important in life.

So where is your sanctuary? If you don’t have one, then make time this week to find one. Yours maybe just taking a walk or finding a quiet place in your home. Either way, find a quiet place where you can relax. Let your mind and spirit be still. Make it a point to do this for yourself this week.