What season of life are you in?

Although it’s already fall, I was not in the fall mood. Not until my kids decided to carve pumpkins this weekend. The picture shown is their pumpkin carving handiwork. I think they did an amazing job. I love the changing seasons here in Kentucky. The fall harvest, the changing colors of the trees, and of course the fall sports season.

pumpkinAnother thing that got me thinking about the seasons was a wonderful webinar that I was privileged to listen to last night. Kathy Brunner, author of Finding Your Fire, interviewed Joel and Pei Boggess. The main topic was on Time Management, but they also discussed the seasons of life that we all go through. Being aware of what season you are currently in can be very beneficial when taking on new tasks. Our seasons take us on different courses that ultimately are there for our benefit. These are the times when we are brought to learn, grow, or rest.

Some of the painful seasons in our lives are also some of the most rewarding as far as our growth is concerned. I certainly have been through my share of growth seasons and I am now glad for it, but at the time they were very scary. My fear came from not having the faith that it would all work out for my good. I also have had my share of wonderful rest seasons where everything flowed smooth as silk.

Thank you to Kathy, Joel, and Pei for reminding me about the different seasons that we go through in life. It’s wonderful to be able to look back over our seasons and be reminded how much we have grown because of them. Can you look back and pick out the different seasons you went through? What did those seasons teach you? What season are you in now? Take time to reflect over your seasons and learn to appreciate the beauty from them.