Want a life changing gift?

photo (1)I received a life changing gift in a beautifully wrapped box. It was purple wrapping paper with a large pink bow on top. The card simply said, “Enjoy the journey!!” I could not imagine what was inside the box, full of excitement and anticipation I opened it. Inside the beautiful box was yet another beautiful smaller box. I took the smaller box out of the first box. The card on this box said, “Do not open until you have completed a thorough and honest search of your inner self.” What? What kind of person sends a crazy gift like this? Actually, someone who is much wiser than myself. I started my inner search. This took quite some time. I didn’t even know how to do an inner search. I had to research how to do this before I ever started. Needless to say, it took some time to get back to opening my present. Once I completed this step, I went back and opened my present. Guess what was inside the box? If you guessed another little box you are correct.

The card on the next box said, “Do not open until you learn to face your fears.” Having done my inner search, I was now very aware of what my fears were. I did learn to face my fears. It’s not that all my fears went away, I just learned to face them and do what I feared while being afraid. Yay!! I got to open the box.

Inside that box was another box. The card on that box said, “Do not open until you learn to walk in others shoes.” What does that mean? I stewed on that for a bit. I discovered this meant to be compassionate for others. Be kind to them no matter where they are in their life walk. Be considerate and respectful to all. Now I get to open the next box.

As I opened the last box, guess what I discovered? My true self. I was given the gift of self-discovery, the courage to face my fears, and to love others where they are. This was my true self. I didn’t have to live a life I felt others wanted me to be. I now get to live an authentic life and love those around me the way we are created to love. What an amazing gift!!

You have this same gift sitting in front of you every day. Are you going to decide to open it? You will love what you find in that last little box. Choose to Invite Excellence into your Life today. Go open your gifts.

  • MelodieK

    My very favorite card in the box is the one challenging me to face my fears. We miss SO MUCH in the way of life-transforming relationships and experiences when we bow down to mere thoughts of what might or might not happen.

  • Sherry Carver

    I love this series of tools to find yourself — I love breaking down each thing that leads us to feel whole —

    • Thanks Sherry. At times we jump around only to feel lost. Taking the correct action steps seems to smooth out the rough spots.

  • Melissa AuClair

    What a fun post to read about self-discovery. You’re right, it takes so long and the process feels jumbled at times. Loving others where they are is a challenge for me- I tend to prod and push them to try to make them change- this causes problems. Thanks for the reminder- part of discovering who I am is loving and appreciating others for how they are!

    • Thanks Melissa!! You’re right it’s easy to see where others need to change but not always the case for ourselves.