Thank you!!

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Wow!! What a remarkable week! This was truly a team effort. One of the most precious gifts we have is our time and many of you shared that with me this week. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. You shared your time through helping to promote on social media, leaving reviews and buying the book. That was a huge commitment that you didn’t shy away from.

Thursday morning I was watching the rankings on the best sellers list and we never dropped below the 20’s. I thought to myself, we aren’t going to make it to #1 and I was actually ok with that fact. I was so excited about all the support and promotions that #1 was not going to be the end all for my week.

I went to a meeting at noon and about half way through the meeting I got a message from Kimanzi Constable that the book had made it to #1. I wanted to jump up and do the happy dance, but I kept it all under control until the meeting was over. We had now successfully launched the book and made it to #1. We obtained our goals for the week, what a great feeling.

This entire process has been extremely interesting to me on many levels. I got to see how to self-publish a book, do radio interviews, record podcast, and launch a book. I have some funny stories from those podcast, which by the way terrified me, but I didn’t back down from the challenge and now I am so glad that I didn’t. This was a true leap of faith for me. I prayed and took small steps forward even when I was overwhelmed. There were many days when I thought I should quit, but it was too late, I was in too deep. The resistance hit me hard at times, but I kept taking the small steps and focusing on what I needed to get accomplished just for today. I worried about tomorrow when tomorrow came.

I also want to thank those who allowed me to guest post on their sites this week. Melissa AuClair, the author of, “Cure Burnout” has a wonderful site that is helping nurses and those who are caretakers to prevent and/or overcome burnout. You can check out her site at and see my guest post here.

Dan Miller, author of, “48 Days to the Work You Love” allowed me to guest post on his site Dan has a wonderful site as well and it is overflowing with information about how to find the work that you truly love. You can see my guest post here.

Veronica Sutherland posted a review of my book on her website at Healthful Family Conversations. Veronica is a Family Educator and is dedicated to helping families maintain wellness; spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. You can check out her review here.

Lee Gaitan also posted a review on her website Lee Gaitan, Don’t Just Bounce, Bounce Back. Lee shares on her website that we all go through tough times, but it’s how he handle and “bounce back” from those times that make the difference. Her inspiring and upbeat attitude toward it all draws you in to want to know more. Check out her site for more info here.

If I missed any reviews that got posted that I don’t have listed here, please email me at so I can thank you appropriately and link back to them from my website.

Words truly cannot express how grateful I am to all who helped with this launch. There was a lot of time committed to this process and I certainly could not have done it without a great launch team. This is where I want to shout out to everyone, “My launch team is better than your launch team”. Thank you all for being part of this with me.

Last and certainly never least, I have to thank Kimanzi Constable who has coached me since the inception of my blog and now through our #1 Best Seller. He always went above and beyond what you would expect from a coach. He never held anything back and continuously encouraged me to keep moving forward. He had all the steps laid out that we needed to accomplish to get the book published and marketed. He is always in high gear and making things happen. At times, when I would get overwhelmed, he would slow it down, consider what I had going on, and then reconfigure the steps if needed. He is extremely talented and truly has the heart of a teacher. Thank you Kimanzi, you are making a difference in many lives.

  • This is a truly amazing start to your lifetime of helping others feel valued and confident. Watching this process has been not only enlightening but so encouraging of what can be done when you keep going through the fear.

    • I can now say I am living proof of what happens when you just keep taking those small steps to accomplish your goals and overcome your fears. Thanks Sherry!