Character strengths? What the heck are they?

If I asked you what your character strengths were would you be able to tell me? If you answered YES, that’s awesome. If you answered no, then I have good news for you. We can change that today.

Character strengths are the core of who we are as humans. These are our positive, core characteristics.

Character strengths are the creation of Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Christopher Peterson, they along with 55 social scientists studied world religions, philosophy and psychology for 3 years before agreeing to the 24 character strengths and 6 virtues that we have now.

Character strengths are the backbone of Positive Psychology, which is the study of happiness and flourishing. They discovered that when we work, live, play in our character strengths that is when we are happiest. It’s hard to know how to construct this happiness without understanding our character strengths.

I believe with all my heart and being that Awareness is Freedom. This is one more way to that freedom. Finding, exploring, and utilizing this new awareness can be life changing if applied in your life. Living in our top 5 signature strengths is where we are our happiest. Why would we not want to live in those?

I’m telling you all of this to share with you that today you can take the VIA Institute Characters Strengths test and find out your character strengths and it’s absolutely FREE. It takes about 15 minutes to complete, so set aside some time and enjoy the process.

You can use my link below to take the test. If you would like to discuss your character strengths to gain a better understanding on how to use them more in your life, send me an email at and I would love to work with you. Also, please share any  feedback on how you liked what you discover. Also, also, please feel free to share my link with anyone you like to help others find their strengths. Sending you guys all my best!!

Click here to watch the video on character strengths  (This is really a GREAT video). Click here to start the test.