Coming out of the closet.

photo (5)No, not that closet. I’m coming out of the faith filled closet. I once heard that if you want to speak on the corporate level that you couldn’t mention your faith and especially not the name of Christ in your message. I have struggled and struggled with this. I thought, I don’t know how to tell people to overcome their negativity without the help of faith. I just don’t know how that could possibly work. Because of that information, I have tip toed around the subject of faith on my blog.

While I was reading the book, “Why Not You”, by Valerie Burton. She by the way is a very successful author, speaker, coach, and TV personality. Her book is about gaining authentic confidence through faith. I thought, if she can be successful mentioning her faith, then I can too. Even if I never receive an invitation to speak at a corporate event, it will be ok. I will know that I am being true to myself and my readers. My honesty will far outweigh anything else.

When I made the decision to focus my message on my true beliefs, I almost exploded with relief. I have been torn with this decision for weeks. Being true to our inner core, our authentic self, is the only way to truly be free. Valerie Burton, I owe you a huge thank you. You are truly an inspiration to me. God bless you.

Is there something in your life that you are navigating around instead of facing head on? Things that we hide deep inside of us, don’t just go away. They can actually start to fester and cause major problems later on. Don’t keep things inside. Find ways to confront the issues and be honest about your feelings. What do you need to confront this week that would take a burden off of you?