If you can worry, you can meditate.

meitate (1)“If you can worry, you can meditate”.  I heard Joyce Meyer say this the other day and loved it. It basically sums up meditation in a nutshell. Before I get hate mail about this summary of meditation let me add that there are as many forms of meditation as there are cultures that utilize it.

To meditate as defined by Mr. Webster himself is “to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation”. Most people relate meditation to Buddhist monks, but it gained acceptance into the West in the 60’s and 70’s. Some look at meditation in a negative way because certain cultures began using it in connection with magic. However you look at it, you may be meditating and not even realize it.

Have you ever memorized scripture? Taking a verse from the bible and saying it over and over again to have it sink deep into your subconscious is a form of meditation. Just because you’re not sitting on the floor, cross legged with your eyes shut doesn’t mean you’re not meditating. Part of meditating is filling our subconscious with thoughts that are brought back into our minds at a later time. I often memorize scriptures or quotations that my subconscious brings back to my conscious mind when I am working through issues or problems.

When Joyce says, “If you can worry, you can meditate”, what does that say to you? It tells me if you can roll something over and over in your mind that is a form of meditation. So why would we want to roll negative things such as worries over and over in our mind when we have the opportunity to purposely roll positive uplifting thoughts over and over in our minds? What do you want your subconscious to bring back to you in challenging opportunities? I have enough issues in life without sabotaging myself with more negativity. I vote positive over negative any day. What are you going to meditate on this week?



Sweet Freedom



I have OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It’s not the OCD that causes you to repeatedly wash your hands or count items. My OCD is in the mind. I can get an idea in my mind and stay obsessively focused on it for days’, even months. Understanding that I have this condition helps me to control it. Knowing that I have this helps me to stop and think about what I’m thinking about. Some of the thoughts that I have are often out in left field. I think, “Where the heck did that thought come from?” I then gather myself and start deciphering the thoughts. Ok, is this thought reality? Is this thought true?

Once I have gathered myself I start to let my subconscious fill my conscious mind with the knowledge that I have been filling it with. Things that are positive, productive, true, and biblical. Had I not been on a self-development journey, I would not have the tools necessary to overcome these issues.

We have the freedom to choose the focal points of our mind. Whatever occupies your mind the most becomes your idol. That is a scary thought. In the book, “Jesus Calling”, by Sarah Young. She relays a message that Jesus laid on her heart and that is, “Guard your thoughts diligently; good thought choices will keep you close to me”.

This week my call to action for you is this, see if you have a focal point. Do you allow your thoughts to run wild? Can you call them back to your focal point when you get off coarse? If so great, you are well on your way. If not, start to fill your mind with what you want to be your idol. We are told to only have one idol in our lives, what is yours? This will begin to Invite Excellence into your Life, then all else will fall into place. Exercise your right to freedom. Have a great week and go show off your AWESOME!!!

Attacking the enemy from all sides. The Conclusion

JubileeVISUALIZE400So for the last couple of weeks I have shared how we can conquer the enemy of fear and negative thinking. Another technique is to tell the enemy to go suck an egg that you are not buying his crap anymore. Then you need to share some positives about yourself. Make a list of all the positives in your life. You are a great spouse, parent, sibling, employee, child, friend, etc. You get the point. Have some positive affirmations ready to sling at the enemy. We are more than we allow ourselves to be and it’s time we quit hiding behind humility and admit our awesomeness. LOL We need to take ourselves with a grain of salt sometime. Be prepared to combat negativity with positive thoughts.

Photo courtesy of Andy Dooley.

Last and not least, spend time visualizing the future that you want for yourself. Don’t let fear and negativity into this special time that you set aside to dream. We all have dreams. Some of us just forget to remember them. Don’t have any old dreams you can remember, then make some new dreams. Visualize yourself at your best, doing what you love and the crowd cheering you on for doing it. Visualization is a powerful tool to our subconscious. Our minds go to work to accomplish the pictures that we paint. Start painting your dreams in your mind today and be thinking only positive thoughts. When you come under attack, kick him to the curb. The attacks are only thoughts, they don’t control you unless you let them.

Spend time this week focusing on your comeback responses to your negative, fearful thoughts. Don’t you dare let that good for nothing blankety blank drag you down with his lies. You are better than that. INVITE EXCELLENCE into your life today because you are awesome and you deserve it!!!