Are you taking this for granted?

My fisherman.

My fisherman.

I was spending my day working at home on my blog and upcoming book. The kids were hanging out playing on the Xbox. I decided to read a blog from Sherry Carver who writes and helps blended families. Although I do not have a blended family, her advice applies to my family as well. Sherry was writing about taking things for granted in our lives. You can check out her article here. “Every family has a story.” What resonated with me at the time was, here I am off work for a few days, my kids are out of school and I am spending my time staring at a computer. I was taking the time with my kids for granted. Someday when they are grown I won’t have these opportunities. So I made an executive decision to put aside the task that needed attention and focused my attention on more important things.

I went inside and asked my two youngest if they wanted to go do something. I even made suggestions of going to see a movie or bowling. Both of them replied, “We want to go to the farm”. I come from a farming family and my two brothers still live on and farm the ground. I agreed, so we loaded up and drove the 40 minutes to the farm. Emily wanted to ride around on the golf cart and Andrew wanted to fish. I spent a beautiful fall like day fishing with my 9 year old son and watching my 13 year old drive around the lake occasionally stopping to chat with us. I got to sit and look my son in the eyes and just talk about whatever came up.

Thank you Sherry Carver for reminding me to enjoy what we have and live in the moment. I spent an afternoon that I will never regret, even if my work doesn’t get done on time. I chose the best of my two options. Do you take advice from others to assess your priorities? I could have ignored what I heard in my heart, but I’m sure glad I didn’t. Listen to your heart and take time to enjoy what you have now, before it’s too late. Go share your AWESOME with someone you love today. Yes, that is a picture of Andrew and one of his many catches.

New unique service offered.

I love new and unique ideas. When someone comes out with helpful services I feel drawn to share that with others. A new service was just created by a friend of mine for blended families.  This is a highly needed service today due to all of the divorce and people trying to start over in second marriages. Sherry L. Carver offers sound advice on combining families in second marriages.

Sherry Carver

Sherry Carver

Sherry has worked as a Family Law Paralegal for 15 years. She says she was drawn to that aspect of law because she was a child of divorced parents, is a divorced parent, is in a second marriage and a step-parent. Sherry’s first-hand experience with divorce and experience in working with those getting divorced has given her great insight into blended families.

I have not heard of anyone else offering this service and it’s a great opportunity for others. She brings many issues to light that I think are not even considered when contemplating divorce. Her guiding is for first, second and subsequent marriage couples. She addresses blended family issues, finances and communication to build strong couples preparing to achieve their goals.

Sherry realizes the issues that come with remarriage.  Most couples think that once divorced, the hard work is over, but divorce creates many new issues such as: two residences (and the bills that go along with it); children going back and forth and trying to make a home; becoming a one parent home and watching your ex-spouse take on a new life without you.

She has great insight in working through these issues and guides blended families through these difficult times. If you are in a blended family or are thinking about divorce, my hope is that you would contact Sherry for some valuable input into your decision. Sherry’s hope is to build strong couples who are well-prepared for the discord that lives in every blended family and who will work together for their family goals.

We are told to seek wise counsel when making decisions and Sherry offers extremely wise counsel. How great would it be to have someone in your corner to guide you through the new challenges that you are facing? Why not give your new marriage every chance possible to get started in the right direction? If you are starting over, have found yourself divorced or preparing to remarry then check out her website at and let Sherry help you Invite Excellence into your Life.