The benefits of gratitude

Lori Vowels Photography

Lori Vowels Photography

Do you wish you had a more positive outlook? Do you find yourself gravitating toward the negative? There is a way to swing the pendulum. Begin each day with gratitude. Gratitude is the awareness of the good things in our life.  We often allow our situation to draw us into a negative mindset. Even in a negative situation, we can still focus our thoughts on the positives in our life. Yes, we do have to make difficult decisions at times, but we don’t have to allow that to put us in a negative mindset.

Positive mindsets and thankful attitudes are a habit. It is a choice we get to make every day. You can check out this article from Harvard Health Publications to give you some ideas on how to start cultivating a grateful attitude.

Not only does a grateful attitude give you a great outlook on life, but it is also very good for your health. Those who are more grateful have lower stress and a better immune system according to this article from webmd. Stress in one of the largest contributors to heart disease. You can make a decision today that will begin to lower your heart disease risk and you don’t even have to get off the couch.

I love the power of gratitude. I know first-hand the tremendous effect gratitude has on my mindset when I start to see things in a darkened light. If you say that you just aren’t made that way, I say that it is a conscious decision we can make today to create a new habit. You can begin to instill a new gratitude habit today and do yourself and your body a world of good.

Go out today and share your AWESOME self with the world. We have much to be grateful for.