A little info on Meditation

www.jenniferhester.comThe new trend we all here about is not so trendy after all. Meditation has been around for thousands of years tracking back to the Hindus in 1500 BC. You can check out more info on the history of meditation here.

Meditation has at times received a bad name due to Christians being led to believe that if we get still and begin to meditate that we will be invaded by evil spirits. Actually we are told in the bible to meditate on God’s word. Go here to check out where meditation is encouraged in the bible.

For me I have tried off and on to get quiet and meditate. I have some ADD so I can be all over the place in my mind when given the chance. Does anyone know that feeling? However I have continued to persist in my challenge to meditate because I love the scientific data that is backing up the benefits of meditation and I want in on some of these benefits. I mean who doesn’t need better attention, immune function, positive emotions, self-control, and peace. For more info on the benefits look here.

I tried a couple different apps on my phone and the one that I am now using that seems to be fitting for me is Headspace. You can read more about it here. I’m not an affiliate for Headspace but I am loving what I’m getting from this app and so I wanted to share it with my readers. I have come to look forward to my meditation as it used to be a chore that I did not care for. I mostly look forward to the sense of peace that I have when I’m done. It is definitely valuable for anyone wanting to enhance their self-awareness as well.

I would love to hear any feedback you have on the app if you try it. Also if you would like to talk about mediation one on one I would be glad to chat with you. Just shoot me an email at jenny@jenniferhester.com No matter what you decide be sure to go out and share your AWESOMENESS with the world today!!

Find your missing peace.

I am not one to tell you who or what you need to believe in. By belief, I am referring to our higher power. For someone like me who has a tendency to want to control situations, believing in a higher power relinquishes me from trying to get involved in every detail of mine and others lives.


It has been a long road for me to give up trying to fix everything and everyone around me, but I’m glad I did. For one thing, it’s exhausting. The second thing is, it steals your peace. I am now much better rested and live with a peace that I never knew existed.

Typically when I take my oldest daughter shopping it’s not a fun experience because I stress out about spending money and she really likes to spend my money. We recently went shopping and I put my technique to the test of not saying anything and letting life play out. She started looking at some boots that I was not interested in purchasing at this time because I wanted to wait until Christmas. I just kept telling myself, just wait and see how this plays out, don’t say anything to her, yet. I waited and to my great joy they did not have any boots in her size that she wanted. Crisis diverted. No major arguments broke out and we had a great day shopping. This is a small incident in life, but it works with the big issues also.

Photo by muchadoaboutdating.com

Not all situations work out like this, but it’s a very true point that most of our lives we worry over things that never even happen. This is one of the many ways to bring peace into your life by simply changing the way we think. It has helped me to stop trying to control everything and let God run my life just as he is supposed to.

Are there times in your life that you need to let life play out before getting involved? Give it a try this week. Be patient and see how things work out right before your eyes.