Why do we think the way we do?

Lori Vowels Photography

Lori Vowels Photography

So my post this week is not really a post, but two questions. Give the answers some thought this week and leave me a comment with what you discover.

1. Do you think positively or negatively most of the time?

2. Why?

You will have to pay attention to your thoughts this week to get the answer. Don’t just shoot from the hip, really pay attention to your thoughts. What do you think when you open your eyes in the morning? Is it positive or negative thoughts? What do you think when there is a line at lunch? What do you say when someone gives you a compliment? The answers to these questions will give you insight into your thoughts. Be sure to ask yourself “WHY” do you think the way you do for even more insight.

Good luck and I’m looking forward to your responses.