Miracle in a can.



If you could go to the store and buy a miracle in a can, would you? Absolutely. We all would. We would load up as many as we could carry, take them home, then store them in a safe location. What if I said you can get miracles in a can? Miracles come in cans, they just don’t come in cants. If we are ever going to go forward in our life, we have to make tough decisions. We have to quit pouring out the pity party and start standing up for ourselves. Let’s tell ourselves today, No More pity parties! No more worrying about what might happen tomorrow. Today we are going to be our best. Today we can conquer whatever comes our way.

Changing our mindset begins with a decision. A decision to take on the challenges we face inside. I’m talking about those pesky little demons that love to rise up inside of us that want us to focus on our cants. What a pain in the side those things are? Acknowledging the demons inside is the first step to correcting them. Then you have to be brave enough to say, “I can”. I can be happy. I can live for today. I can live the dream that I feel so deep inside of me. We have to open our own can of miracles, nobody is going to do it for us.

What current challenges are you struggling with? Is there something inside that is causing pain in your life? Something that you wish you didn’t do? I am currently working on living for today instead of worrying about what might happen tomorrow. This is an act of faith and yes it’s hard. At times I fail, but other times it makes my life very peaceful and calm. I get to open my new miracle in a can every day and you can too. This is another way to Invite Excellence into our lives. Let’s go be all God called us to be.

Second chance at life.

IMG_8300Recently, a dear friend of mine started having back pain. It started on Sunday and he went through the week trying to find out what was causing his pain. Thursday of that same week they tried to do an MRI on him. He was in so much pain that he could not lay still long enough to have the MRI. On Friday, they sedated him to get the MRI completed. After his MRI, he was informed that he had a life threatening staph infection in his spine. He was taken to emergency surgery to have his spine scraped and begin a long process of healing. If he had gone another 24 hours without surgery he would not have been able to be saved. My friend was given a second chance at life. This is where it clicked for me. Every day that we open our eyes and go about our lives, we too, are given a second chance at life.

It doesn’t take a life threatening illness for us to be given a second chance. We get that EVERY DAY. Our problem is deciding to live our lives that way. Everything that we do begins with our mindset. If you decide tomorrow when you wake up that you have been given a second chance at life, how will that change your mindset? Will you live your life any different? What would it take to help you live your life with passion and enthusiasm? What will you do tomorrow with your second chance at life?