Anyone can grow up, maturing is an option.

When I became an adult at eighteen years of age, I was an adult in age and physical appearance only. I lacked the emotional, mental and spiritual maturity that is necessary to respond to life as an adult, so I reacted to life instead.

Part of the reason most 18 years olds make decisions that cause parents wince is because their brains are not even fully developed until they are 23 years old. The other part of the reason we see questionable decisions from adults is lack of knowledge about how to grow in these areas.

A 2003 survey by the Jenkins group shares some interesting results on adults and reading.

  • One-third of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.
  • 42 percent of college graduates never read another book after college.
  • 80 percent of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year.
  • 70 percent of U.S. adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years.
  • 57 percent of new books are not read to completion.

If we are to grow and fully develop as mature adults one key way to work on this is to read. We can save ourselves much heartache by learning from others who have already been down that long trudged path and learn from their mistakes.

I love to read material from people I admire and respect. Learning from them and how they live their lives allows me to grow in all aspects of my life. As I become more aware of my own faults and how to work to correct them, then I see improvement in othr areas of my life. I don’t want to be afraid of change or afraid to face myself in the mirror. I want to look honestly into that mirror and like what I see and know that I am a work in progress.

I have been told that the attributes that we admire in others are actually attributes that we hold within ourselves. If we are not living life with those attributes shining brightly for others to see it is because we are not living an authentic life.

My challenge for you this week is to read or listen to one book from someone you admire that will help you to grow in some way.

If you need help getting started making the changes to an authentic life or want to grow emotionally, mentally, or spiritually I would be glad to help you get started. Shoot me an email at Wishing you all peace and success.