One word that is increasing my awareness exponentially.

There is one word that I have been using lately to increase my self-awareness. It has been the best tool that I have found to take me to that next level. That word is “why”. I have begun to use this word every day. When I become emotional or troubled by something, I take a minute and ask myself why I feel this way. This one word has helped me to see that I have been tying my happiness to my husband’s actions. I have also discovered that I allow fear to control some of my actions as well. It makes me more accountable to my own actions. Instead of just blaming someone else for the situation, I take an honest look at why I am acting the way I am.

I’ve also noticed that I want others around me to make everything okay. I believe this is that inner child still wanting to be nurtured. I want this to help me reach a better maturity level and understanding that I am perfectly competent to take care of myself. It has actually been fun to get a peek into my inner workings on such a deep level and it explains so much.

For the next week I would love it if you tried this same tool. Ask yourself “why” when you feel angry, anxious, aggravated, lonely, or scared. I would love to hear what you discover about yourself. Please share your new awareness with me at Remember, we are beautifully and wonderfully made. Have an AWESOME week.