Don’t remarry your ex!

This post is not about bashing the exes that will be for a different post. Just kidding. I am not going to bash any exes.

We are told that 50% of all marriages fail. The reasons for failed marriages are endless. One of the reasons that stick out in my mind is that one of the spouses is not happy. They are not being fulfilled in some way. They’re not sure why they’re not happy, they just know that they’re not happy. We then start to look for answers outside of us. It’s the job, the kids, the house, the lack of money, or our spouse that no longer makes us happy. We look everywhere, but where we should look and that is within.

We  rush into making drastic, life altering changes. I have spoken with many divorcees  who told me that they wished they hadn’t rushed into a divorce. I’m not saying that all divorces end that way, but many do. My point here is this, if you are unhappy don’t start blaming outside circumstances for your situation. We must start with looking inside first. Fix yourself first, then see if your circumstances look the same. Once we start to change for the better, typically our circumstances will follow.

If you  decide to get divorced before you make changes in your life, be sure that you don’t rush back into a relationship until you fix you. Chances are extremely high that you will end up back in the same situation that you were just in. You will wake up one morning and discover that you married someone just like your ex. Ugh!! We cannot rely on others to make us happy. That must come from within.

I do realize that there are situations where divorce is for the person’s own sanity and protection. I’m not talking about those situations. I encourage anyone who is in an abusive relationship of any kind to get help.

If you are not happy, take this week to spend some time alone and get really honest with yourself. See why you’re not happy. Could it be resolved with changing some things in you? Is your marriage worth it to try and make changes with you first? Contact a licensed counselor if you need help getting started. Start to work on you today. Even if you can’t save your marriage, you will have tried a different approach than most.  Be sure to sign up for our weekly blog post to keep you informed on how to Invite Excellence into your Life. Go out and share your AWESOME today!