Want a life changing gift?

photo (1)I received a life changing gift in a beautifully wrapped box. It was purple wrapping paper with a large pink bow on top. The card simply said, “Enjoy the journey!!” I could not imagine what was inside the box, full of excitement and anticipation I opened it. Inside the beautiful box was yet another beautiful smaller box. I took the smaller box out of the first box. The card on this box said, “Do not open until you have completed a thorough and honest search of your inner self.” What? What kind of person sends a crazy gift like this? Actually, someone who is much wiser than myself. I started my inner search. This took quite some time. I didn’t even know how to do an inner search. I had to research how to do this before I ever started. Needless to say, it took some time to get back to opening my present. Once I completed this step, I went back and opened my present. Guess what was inside the box? If you guessed another little box you are correct.

The card on the next box said, “Do not open until you learn to face your fears.” Having done my inner search, I was now very aware of what my fears were. I did learn to face my fears. It’s not that all my fears went away, I just learned to face them and do what I feared while being afraid. Yay!! I got to open the box.

Inside that box was another box. The card on that box said, “Do not open until you learn to walk in others shoes.” What does that mean? I stewed on that for a bit. I discovered this meant to be compassionate for others. Be kind to them no matter where they are in their life walk. Be considerate and respectful to all. Now I get to open the next box.

As I opened the last box, guess what I discovered? My true self. I was given the gift of self-discovery, the courage to face my fears, and to love others where they are. This was my true self. I didn’t have to live a life I felt others wanted me to be. I now get to live an authentic life and love those around me the way we are created to love. What an amazing gift!!

You have this same gift sitting in front of you every day. Are you going to decide to open it? You will love what you find in that last little box. Choose to Invite Excellence into your Life today. Go open your gifts.

Teach it, to learn it.

Have you ever thought you really understood something, then when you went to explain it you found yourself talking for 10 minutes without ever fully explaining anything? Quite the self-esteem killer isn’t it.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. ~Albert Einstein


What I like about this, is that it makes me more aware when I do “think” that I understand something. I purposefully try to explain it out loud to myself. When I can’t explain it simply, I know that I need to increase my knowledge base on the subject. I must dig yet deeper into the subject and start breaking the subject down into smaller and smaller pieces until it is easily understood. This is a great way to increase your knowledge on any subject. If you want to be a guru on a subject, make sure to run it through the “can I explain it simply test” before trying it out on a live audience. I love using this with my kids when we are doing homework, although they are not big fans of it. As we are studying and I ask them do you understand and they say, “Yes”, then I simply ask them to explain it back to me. Needless to say this has caused an increase in our study time. This is another way to Invite Excellence into Your Life. Go share your AWESOME today!!!

Why our kids need to earn their own money?



My kids are like everybody else’s kids, they like to have and spend money. I don’t want to just hand over the cash at their every whim because that sends the wrong message. I like to pay my kids by the job. My oldest daughter babysits for her two younger siblings at times and she earns money from that job. One thing she knows is that she should work for her income. She also has a part time job at the local movie theatre. She recently decided to take a trip to the beach on spring break. With that decision came the understanding that she would have to come up with spending cash. She has sent out texts to friends and family concerning her dilemma of needing to raise cash. She let them know that she is available to house sit, babysit, or dog sit. She has asked for more hours at work and hit me up for extra chores at home. I see getting my windows cleaned this spring.What this does for our kids:

1)      Teaches responsibility

2)      Builds self-esteem

3)      They need to know how to earn a living, that life is not a free ride.

4)      They realize they are productive members of society

5)      They learn financial responsibility

This is a valuable lesson that our children need to learn. They also need to be able to feel good about themselves. Talk to them about why you want them to earn money on their own. Share with them what you are trying to teach them. Yes, I am sure they will complain at first, but someday they will thank you. This is a great way to Invite Excellence into your children’s Life. Don’t deny them the opportunity to let their AWESOME shine.

They were going to jump, but I talked them off the ledge.

There they were standing there, ready to jump at a moments’ notice. They weren’t afraid and did not give any thought to how it would make others feel. They were going to jump unless some drastic measures were taken. At first, I almost gave in and let them jump. I was on board with their cause, I understood where they were coming from. I had been in this position before and had seen many jump to their demise. Suddenly, my subconscious kicked in with the thoughts that I had recently planted in it. These were not the thoughts from the past, these were new and strong. I kicked into action. I started allowing the new thoughts to take over, I was on automatic, just letting the new thoughts roll.



What I was talking off the ledge were my actions. I had just had a conversation with my husband and I had made assumptions about a certain situation. I was about 30 minutes from home and on my way home, I had to talk myself off that ledge. I was going to go home and accuse him of such and such. The old selfishness and insecurities were gaining strength. I had to stop them. If not, I would get home and the fight would be on.

I started questioning my accusations that were swirling in my head. Are these thoughts reality? Does his past actions coincide with today’s accusations toward him? As I started to honestly answer these questions and remind myself of how I am supposed to treat my husband, I started to calm down. I started to back away from the ledge. I reminded myself of the new ideas that I had learned from the book, “Love Life for Every Married Couple” by Ed Wheat and Gloria Okes Perkins. These ideas were a new way to love my spouse that I had not used before and they are great. I have noticed a lot of change in myself and how my husband responds to me when I follow this new way of loving him. I continued to replay the words from the book in my mind. When I arrived at home, I did not start in on my husband, but met him with a smile and open arms. He returned the gesture. At least one unnecessary blow up had been avoided simply because I took the time to think about my actions and what they were going to do. The fight really would have been unnecessary because in the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter anyway.

Inviting Excellence into our Life is about becoming our best at everything we do. Part of that is filling our minds with the correct tools to counter destructive thought patterns. I would love to hear what tools you are using. I am always looking for new ideas and suggestions to be a better me. Remember to go out and share your AWESOME this week.

What are your words saying about you?



Have you ever judged someone by the words they use? I have. When someone starts to talk you can almost instantly form an opinion about their manners, respect of others, empathy, spirituality, and even intelligence. These are exactly the times when I have to start the self-talk about not being judgmental. Being judgmental is one of the areas I am concentrating on improving this year.

The language that we use let’s others know almost immediately what is in our hearts. Our words can are very powerful. In just a few words we can build someone up or tear them to shreds. I have been on the receiving end of that a few times and it is not pleasant. Do you remember a time in your life when someone said something to you that pierced your heart or painfully wounded you? If so, remember how that felt when you get ready to speak to someone. Never do anything while you are angry or hurt, especially go on the attack to someone.

Our words to others should always be pleasant even when we have to give constructive feedback. Whether it is our spouse, children, family member or co-worker, choose your words carefully. We can easily pierce someone’s self-respect and dignity without even realizing it. Our words show the world who we are and what our heart contains. It is wise to fill our hearts with only loving, constructive, positive, and productive thoughts.

Take some time this week to watch your words and see how they affect others. Make it a point to share some encouraging words to others on purpose and see what their response is. Filling our hearts with great and powerful thoughts that encourage and support others is another way to Invite Excellence into your Life. Have a fantastic week and be all that God made you to be.

Your past does not define your future.

photo (9)Your past does not define your future. I have often referred to that saying throughout my blogs because I believe it is an undeniable truth. We have seen many people overcome unrealistic, heart breaking circumstances and do great things with their lives. One who stands out in my mind is Dave Pelzer, who wrote the book, “A Child Called It, One Child’s Courage to Survive”. Another is Joyce Meyer, who was emotionally and sexually abused by her father for the first 18 years of her life. These people had unsurmountable odds stacked against them, but went on to serve and help others in the most productive ways possible.

I too, want to think of myself as one who has not let their past define their future. I have a past like everyone else.  Not proud of some of my past, but it is what it is. I did many things that I am ashamed of, but I refuse to let that be my future. I consider myself a born again Christian who has a passion for sharing God’s love and promises. I write this blog because I know that changing your mindset will absolutely change your future. I want to remind others that just because they have a past doesn’t mean you have to relive your mistakes every day.

You can begin a whole new chapter in your life by changing what you put into your mind today. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. If you have someone in your life that is dragging you down, then cut them loose. You don’t have to be mean about it, but when they start in, excuse yourself from the situation, go somewhere else, politely get off the phone, quit following them on Facebook, whatever it takes, but don’t let them tell you who you are.

I want to share with you the truth that you are beautifully and wonderfully made by our God. He has put you here to do great things. Let your past be a learning tool to move forward. Let it make you be a stronger person who wants to learn from their mistakes. You are a child of God and you deserve to be happy and fulfill your life’s passion. Learn to Invite Excellence into Your Life, for this is what God wants for you. Go be all God designed you to be and follow your passions.

Guess what I get to do?



For the next couple of days I want you to check something. See how many times you say, “I’ve go to …….” I’ve got to go to the store. I’ve got to pay the bills. I’ve got to work. I’ve got to cook supper. Ok, so where I am going with this. Think about this for a minute. What if instead of saying, “I’ve got to” you use the term, “I get to.” I get to cook a healthy meal for my family, there are many who go hungry. I get to go to work, so I can pay my bills there are many without jobs. I have money in my pocket, so I get to go to the store and buy food. I get to workout in the morning there are many who are ill and can’t get up. Do you see how changing that one word in our vocabulary can change our entire perception of events in our lives?

Our thoughts become words, our words become actions. If we are going to change our actions this year it has to start with changing our thoughts, then our words. Take the time this week to see how purposely watching our words changes our perceptions. You will have to give it some thought, which is a good way to reflect on how we see the events in our lives. This one little change will lead to dramatic changes in your outlook. Leave me a message about the changes you see in your life from this one switch. This is one of the small ways you can Invite Excellence into Your Life and become all God has called you to be.