Dare to be yourself.

I haven’t always been comfortable with who I was. I was certainly not comfortable in my own skin. I would see others and be envious of who they were or what they had. I wanted to keep up with the Jones’ so to say. I wanted to brag about things I had or did. It made me feel like somebody important when others envied me for a change.

Little did I know that being comfortable with myself had anything to do with things. It has to do with looking inside and figuring out why I think the way I do. I had to find what I was lacking as a person. I lived with a lot of insecurities for a long time. I believe it had to do with my childhood and being around kids that belittled others as sport. I always wanted to fit in and would follow the crowd to do so.

I have come a long way, but still struggle with these things at time. I like who I have become and have found that being the real you is much better than pretending to be someone else just to fit in. I love who God has created me to be. I found my true self when I allowed God to teach me to forgive myself and others. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, but I will try everyday to be the best me that I can. I want to be honest with myself for the first time in my life. I don’t want to live in fear anymore and hide behind what I think others want me to be.

Are you being your true self? Are you living the life you want to live? Decide today to forgive yourself and others, love yourself and others, and be all that God created you to be. You owe yourself that.