5 ways to stop life from controlling your destiny

Striving for Excellence!Are you letting life drive you? This is an area that I am working on improving. Last week I had a child home sick for 4 days and it totally through my schedule off. The reason it through my schedule off was because I let it. I didn’t stick to what I knew needed to be done. I got a few things done, but not nearly what I could have accomplished had I stuck to my routine of scheduling life, instead of it scheduling me. Here is a list of ways to make sure we are living our lives on purpose, instead of letting life lead us.

Schedule your day, the day before. This is of the utmost importance when you are taking charge of your life. Plan out your next day late in the afternoon or early evening, this way you can add to or take away from your schedule as you let your mind mull over the agenda. You will think of things that you forgot or you will see that you will need extra time for other items.

Set long term goals then break them down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Our long term goals can be lost in the busyness of life if we don’t stay focused on them. Setting our agendas to include working on our long term goals on a consistent basis allows us to slowly work toward achieving them and helping us to not get overwhelmed by their size. Breaking our goals down and accomplishing a little every day will not only keep us from getting overwhelmed, but will let us see progress on a regular basis.

Be grateful every day. When we remain grateful, we allow our minds to stay focused on the positives. Negativity easily creeps into our thinking when we aren’t thinking on purpose. We have over 60,000 thoughts per day. If we don’t stay focused on what we are thinking about these could easily be 60,000 negative thoughts per day that will absolutely destroy our progress in moving forward. Every morning when you wake up, start making that gratitude list and continue to work on it throughout your day.

Exercise. If you are not exercising right now, then I challenge you to start today with just 5 pushups (girl ones), 5 sit-ups, and 5 squats. Start slow and set realistic goals. If you can’t do these then get a couple cans of canned veggies and do 10 curls on each arm. Each time you set a goal and accomplish it, you will want to accomplish more. We get overwhelmed because we set unrealistic goals that we can’t maintain long term then we get discouraged. Don’t set a goal to run a mile a day starting out. Start slow and inch your way up.

Eat healthy. I look at eating healthy this way. We eat 21 meals per week, if I can eat 14 healthy meals per week that is better than none. I am not going to beat myself up when I make a mistake. When I mess up, I am going to start over right away. Yes, I make mistakes, everyone does, but that will not hold me back from trying again. Incorporate healthy eating into your life a little at a time. Don’t get discouraged when you mess up, shake it off and keep moving forward.

Don’t try to be perfect in life, strive for excellence. We need to be excellent in all we do, which means we try to do the best we can and continue to push ourselves to improve every day. That’s it. That’s all it takes is to just be better than yesterday. If you fail, get up and try again.

Go out today and show the world how AWESOME you are. Set your goals and be a leader for all those around you. Others need someone to guide them, you are that someone.