Confidence through the eyes of a child.

This weekend I took my two youngest children to an annual street festival that our hometown puts on. It is filled with bad for you fried food, rides, games, and music. We got our annual funnel cake which is nothing but fried batter topped off with powdered sugar. A donut on steroids basically. The richness along with the grease weighs heavy on the stomach, so a few bites is all that is needed before the stomach cries uncle.

As we sat and ate on our nutritious void treat we discussed the events of the day. My two youngest, Emily and Andrew, are 12 and 9. They love the games at these festivals and both are extremely competitive. Emily had just one the last game they had played. That’s when the boasting began. Emily made the comment that she wasn’t sure who was going to win as it was a close game. Andrew chimed in to say that no one really thought he would win except the most important person, “me”. At that moment I thought what an amazing young man. He was expressing confidence in his self when no one else did. If only, if only, we all had this kind of confidence what amazing things we could accomplish.

I am proud of all three of my children. They are all unique and beautiful in their own way. I hope and pray that they all carry Andrew’s confidence in themselves which will allow them to follow their dreams if life. What about you? Do you have this kind of confidence to believe when no one else does? If not, think about why that may be. What can you do to change it? Press in to the uncomfortable side of this realization and tackle it head on if it’s a problem that is holding you back in life. This is a great way to Invite Excellence into Your Life. Go out this week and show the world your AWESOMENESS!!!!