Success starts in the mind.

We’ve all been there, we have a great idea that we want to pursue, then it happens. The enemy starts the assault. What makes you think you can do that? Nobody will buy that product. No one will come listen to you speak about that. You can’t go back to school now,you’re too old. It’s too late in life for you to accomplish your dreams. Does this sound familiar? This is where the battle begins, in the mind.

Those who are successful and have accomplished their goals in life have done so in spite of the enemies attacks. Don’t think that they have not had the same feelings and thoughts as you, because they have. If you are a human being walking this earth then you have been attacked by negative, fearful thoughts.

Ok, so we know we have them, what do we do about them? The first step is realizing that the thoughts are just thoughts and you can change them. When you come under attack, call the enemy a liar and announce to him the truth. The truth is that you are just as capable as anyone else who has succeeded. Successful people don’t have superpowers that we don’t, they just don’t believe the lies. They believe in themselves, their ideas and they proceed with a plan and do it afraid.

All success starts in the mind. You must be willing to fight the battle in the mind. It is not a one time battle. It is a daily battle. Pick up your knowledge of truth and begin to do battle. You are worth it. You can accomplish everything God has laid on your heart to do. We hold ourselves back from the truth. Don ‘t do this anymore. You are an amazing person who has a purpose, go be your destiny!