Do you have emotional baggage!!

Want to know a great way to start out your new year? Make a choice to let go of your emotional baggage. What is emotional baggage? It’s when we lug around our past like a bag full of dirty laundry. It goes everywhere we go, yet we try to hide it in our day to day activities. Instead of facing our past and making peace with it, we keep cramming it back down deep inside letting it fester. We all know what happens when you let things fester. This festering is a continual pain that won’t go away. We continue to hide from our past issues, put on our smiles, and pretend everything is fine.

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If we want this year to be different, we must let go of the garbage. That’s right, garbage. That’s what those old haunts from our past is. Something that wants to drag you down and not let you be what you are designed to be. Our past does not define our future. I recently read an article by Joyce Marter, LCPC that gave 10 tips to lighten your emotional baggage that I want to share with you.

1) Release any shame you carry, for shame is the heaviest burden.

2) Let go of any guilt that is unnecessary and free yourself to lead the life you want.

3) Forgive those with whom you are angry or harbor resentment, including yourself.

4) Accept the past and be grateful for the wisdom it has granted you.

5) Focus on liking yourself rather than pleasing others.

6) Choose to be your best cheerleader, rather than your worst critic.

7) Change your boundaries in relationships that are no longer working for you.

8) Practice gratitude, rather than focusing on that which you have not.

9) Replace self-sabotaging behaviors with self-love.

10) Let go of fear and defensiveness and allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic.

I desperately want to be authentic and transparent. I believe these are great attributes, especially for someone who wants to grow and be all God wants them to be. These are not possible when you drag your past around with you. One of my goals for 2014 is to focus on making these attributes more prominent in my life.

What would you like to achieve in 2014? Leave me a comment with your plans. I hope these 10 items help you to continue to Invite Excellence into Your Life. Go be all God designed you to be!!!!!