Searching for our best.

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Photo by Lori Vowels Photography

I was thinking about how to become my best self. Then I thought, what does that mean? It means to look for understanding in the season that we are currently living in. We all go through different seasons our entire life. As we enter these seasons we should do so with eyes wide open. What is this season showing me about my life? I currently am in an intense season of learning to deal with co-dependency. I didn’t realize I was co-dependent, but because God has opened my eyes to this situation I have chosen to embrace this issue.

Making tough choices

I could have chosen to deny what I was being shown, but then I would continue down the path that I have already traveled. That path is tired and worn out. I want a new path in my life. One with freedom, challenges and excitement. This only happens when we face our fears and acknowledge we have issues that need to be addressed. I love the path that I am on. I am facing fears and it is exciting, freeing and terrifying all at the same time. It also makes me feel very alive.

Becoming our best selves means we have to look inside and find ourselves. Not always easy. We have to be ok with the fact that we are not perfect, nor will we ever be. That’s tough when we fight with perfectionism. No one is perfect, so how do we expect to be? Embrace the flaws and be proud. We are wonderfully and beautifully made. We have purpose and we are loved.

Meeting the challenge

We have things revealed to us when God feels we are ready to meet the challenge. If we choose not to meet the challenge, we are given second chances but we are wasting valuable time ignoring reality. If we are to be our best selves we have to put on our big girl pants and be honest with ourselves and face the challenges that need to be addressed. This is why personal development and being life-long learners is so important. I look forward to pursuing my goal of being my best self because that means for the rest of my life, I have a project. LOL!! Are you up for a life-long project?

If you have issues you need to face and are not sure where to start, then please find a certified counselor or clergyman who can help you start your journey. This is a great way to Invite Excellence into your Life. Go out today and show the world your AWESOME best self!!!!!!