“It’s not men’s acts which disturb us, but our reactions to them. Take these away, and anger goes. No wrong act of another can bring shame on you.”  ~Marcus Aurelius

This is a great quote. Our reactions to difficult or painful situations shine a great light onto our real selves. Our reactions come from deep within. When I say deep within, I mean “deep within.”

We can all put on a smile and act like the world is grand and we have no issues, but when things start to go wrong, our reactions will be the truth as to whether we have peace, love, wisdom and maturity on the inside. We will also see that sometimes we fail, but even our reaction to that failure can speak volumes about us.

When we do fail, and most of us will, how do we handle that failure? Do we acknowledge the failure and apologize? Do we realize that we failed and take steps to learn and grow from that failure? Or do we brush it off and tell ourselves that we were right at screaming at our child or spouse?

Learning and growing is a part of life, so is failure. How we react to failure is a sign of growth or yet again another failure.

When we react to situations in a not so idea fashion, take the time to admit the failure, apologize if you offended someone, learn from it and move on.

Reactions are tough. How we react to life is a habit. We can learn new habits and make our reactions more positive. If you struggle with a bad reaction habit, I would love to work with you to create new habits. Send me an email at and we can start a new reaction process for you.

Make sure to show the world how AWESOME you are this week.