The way we think drives our perceptions. Our perceptions are how we view situations in life. An example of this would be that we asked our kids to do the laundry. Now we all know that doing laundry perfectly is not on the top of our kids list, so they do it, but it’s not perfect. How we perceive this situation is going to determine our response. Ok, so the towels are folded into squares, instead of the perfect tri fold. They are put away, but some seem to have been crammed into the back instead of neatly re-organizing to make it all fit. You can either have a come apart and rant and rave about how terrible they did or you can realize that “Hey, at least I have a clean towel.” This is what our perceptions do to us every day.

How do we change our thinking so that we can have a more positive impact on our perceptions and not give our kids a laundry complex? You can start by realizing your thoughts are not where they should be. If your thought process is tearing others down, instead of building them up, encouraging, and teaching, then you need a thought over haul.

This week pay attention to your responses. What are your perceptions to situations? Are you thinking encouraging thoughts or negative thoughts? Are you judging people and being critical? You may find it’s not all their fault, perceptions can be deceiving.