Overthinking can lead to underachieving.

Photo by Lori Vowels Photography

Photo by Lori Vowels Photography

On entirely too many occasions I think about and analyze other people and situations. My poor husband is in the cross hairs as much as anyone. I constantly analyze why he does things the way that he does. I also analyze when he doesn’t do things and why he didn’t do them. He has told me often that I think way too much. He says he is a simple man with simple ways, that’s it in a nutshell. Quit over analyzing, but I think it can’t be that simple. Let me dig around in this awhile longer and see what I come up with. That’s usually where I get into trouble.

I often let this habit overflow into my dreams. I think about my dreams that I would love to accomplish and then I begin to analyze them. This is when the negative perceptions kick in and I start showing myself all of the reasons why I can’t achieve those dreams. This overthinking causes me to cower away from large daunting tasks. This is why many are considered underachievers. We are underachievers because God has given us the talents to achieve our goals, we just choose not to pursue them due to overthinking. Stop making it so hard. Go for it. These fears that we drag up can be paralyzing at times. We allow the fear to stop us from even taking the smallest steps toward our goals. Most of these fears are unfounded and untrue. We need to follow our dreams and give the world our gifts.

To defeat the overthinking dilemma I tell myself that looking at the big picture is too overwhelming. I need to begin with setting the beginning goals. Take small steps toward achieving the beginning goals and build from there. One small step at a time is all that needs to be done today. Put all those questions and what if’s out of your mind.  Take small steps and accomplish your tasks one at a time. Don’t sit and think about every scenario that may go wrong. Don’t worry about what tomorrow may or may not bring. Let tomorrow worry about itself, let’s focus on today. Just work on the task at hand. Don’t look out into the future with doubts, the future holds all our possibilities and dreams. Look to the future only with positive thoughts and encouragement.

Don’t let overthinking deter you from achieving great things in life. We are destined to be more than what we allow ourselves to be. Leave me a comment and let me know if you are an over thinker also. How had this habit kept you from achieving goals in your life? Be sure to sign up for our blog post so you can continue the journey of Inviting Excellence into your Life.

  • Melissa AuClair

    I over analyze too! I needed to read this today. A quote I came across recently is, “Just do the work. Leave the outcomes alone.” I think you are right- the future is full of beautiful possibilities we can’t possibly know, but they won’t happen if I don’t take a chance and go for it now!

    • Melissa – You and I are kindred spirits in many ways. You do have a beautiful future ahead of you. Throw it all out there, beautiful things are waiting for you.

  • Lori Ann Hagan Vowels

    Wow Jenny!! You hit the nail right on the head. Do I ever overthink everything. I want to do so much but get so bogged down in thinking about all I have to in order to get it done and over analyzing that I don’t get anything accomplished. So from now on I’ll just do it. Thanks for the advice!!!

    • I agree Lori. Sometimes we need to “just do it.”