My wish for you.

I drove about 45 minutes to a funeral home the other day. The mother of one of the girls I work with had passed away. Typically when I drive, I either have the radio off and enjoy the quiet or I listen to podcasts. This particular day I plugged in my iphone because the battery was running low. When I plugged it in, the music on the iphone began to play. I decided to listen to some of the music this particular day and just enjoy the scenery. I did this on the way to the funeral home and on the way back. About 15 minutes before I got home, the song, “My Wish”, by Rascal Flatts began to play. I think this is the first time I had really focused on the words to the song. As I listened, my mind went to my soon to be 18 year old daughter, Cammy. The words in the song are what I wanted to tell her. That her dreams stay big and her worries stay small. That wherever she goes she knows that she is loved. (Click for lyrics.)

Before I knew it, tears were rolling down my face. I wasn’t sad about her becoming 18  or that she would soon be moving out and on with her life. I was sad because I thought about all of the time I had wasted not being fully present in her life. I always had the future or a worry on my mind. When I prepared for special occasions at my house it was usually last minute and thrown together. I always seemed to be busy to sit down and plan. This is one thing that I want to change in my life. I want to enjoy today. I want to enjoy the present. I want to enjoy my kids. The fact that I recognize this flaw is a start.

I know I am changing as a person and growing in new ways every day. I have become an avid reader. I mainly read about things that I want to change in me. Then, I pray. Becoming aware of where we need to grow is instrumental in growth. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over these things that we need to change, but be aware and learn about them.

One way to be mindful and fully present in the moment is to notice things around you. Stop and notice the trees. Notice the leaves on the trees and the intricate details. Notice what your kids are doing. Watch the expressions on their face. Notice their smiles. Listen to the difference in their laughs. Be present in the moment. Are there other ways that you are present in the moment? What can you do to be more mindful of your surroundings? Take a break this week and see if you are living in the moment.