Listen to me with your eyes

Twice this week I have heard a parent say that their child told them to stop working and listen to them with their eyes. Wow!!! This touched me on so many levels as I know I am guilty of this. My child will be talking to me and I will be listening while scrolling through my phone. There is nothing on my phone more important than a few minutes with my child.

When we listen to our children, we should be making eye contact with them. Eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to say, I’m listening to you and you matter. We don’t just affect our children with our words, but eye contact and body language send strong signals as well.

Our children are with us for only a short time. We all need to be reminded to stop and take time to share with them not just our presence, but our full attention. We can make a wonderful positive impact on them by letting them know that they matter enough to put our phones down and look at them in those beautiful eyes.

Our challenge this week is to listen to our children with our eyes.

Always remember, We are much more than we allow ourselves to be. Allow yourself to be AWESOME.