Humility is a great teacher. Ouch!!!

Wow, this week has been a huge learning experience. I am always amazed at how God directs the flow of experiences in our lives. Early in the week I sent a question to Michael Hyatt for his podcast about “Watch your mouth: How our words impact others.” Never did I think that I was going to get my chance to try this on in real life, but I did. That very evening, I got the chance to use my words in a positive way toward my daughter. I failed miserably. I got on my holier than though high horse and let the brimstone and fire sermon begin. I deeply wounded my daughter by insincere words that were based on emotions and untrue beliefs.

danger_on_grunge_wall[1]I have felt like the scum under the rock ever since. If only I had stopped, walked away, and thought about the situation. Then I could have came back later to discuss it when cooler heads would have prevailed. Yes, we get chances every day to use what we know is the best way to live our lives. We don’t always succeed. I am certainly using this experience as yet another learning tool.

I have apologized to my daughter more than once. I am ashamed of my behavior. I hope these feelings that I have right now, will be forever burnt into my mind. I pray these feelings help me prevail in my next challenge of mind over mouth. Controlling our thoughts is the only way to control our words. It all starts with how we think.

I got to hear Michael use my question on his podcast. It all came full circle for me. Humility is a great teacher. Have you had a humility check lately?

If you have techniques that you use, “to think before you speak”, I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment with your suggestions.