Guess what I get to do?

For the next couple of days I want you to check something. See how many times you say, “I’ve go to …….” I’ve got to go to the store. I’ve got to pay the bills. I’ve got to work. I’ve got to cook supper. Ok, so where I am going with this. Think about this for a minute. What if instead of saying, “I’ve got to” you use the term, “I get to.” I get to cook a healthy meal for my family, there are many who go hungry. I get to go to work, so I can pay my bills there are many without jobs. I have money in my pocket, so I get to go to the store and buy food. I get to workout in the morning there are many who are ill and can’t get up. Do you see how changing that one word in our vocabulary can change our entire perception of events in our lives?

Our thoughts become words, our words become actions. If we are going to change our actions this year it has to start with changing our thoughts, then our words. Take the time this week to see how purposely watching our words changes our perceptions. You will have to give it some thought, which is a good way to reflect on how we see the events in our lives. This one little change will lead to dramatic changes in your outlook. Leave me a message about the changes you see in your life from this one switch. This is one of the small ways you can Invite Excellence into Your Life and become all God has called you to be.