Don’t let your thoughts drive your life down the wrong road.

In Rick Warren’s book the Purpose Driven Life, the very first sentence in his book says, “It’s not about you.” In the grand scheme of life that is true, there is a much larger picture to be looked at, but if you want to make changes in your life it has to start with YOU. Everything in your life starts with you. And where does everything start? In your thoughts.

Your thoughts control everything in your life. Your emotions are controlled by your thoughts. What you are going to do today is controlled by your thoughts. You make the decision what you are going to do based on the thoughts in your mind. You can decide to lay on the couch or get out and do something fun or go exercise or go chat with the neighbor or be productive or read a great book. Whatever you do, you have to think it first. So what are your thoughts telling you to do today? Are you thinking productive encouraging thoughts or are they self-defeating negative thoughts? Whatever you’re thinking, those thoughts are  going to drive your direction today and everyday for the rest of your life. So where are your thoughts driving you to today? Success, happiness, fulfillment, or mediocrity, worry, and negativity. The choice is yours and it all begins with what you think.