Live a warrior life!

There are some days that I feel like I can take on the world, then there are other days when I just want to pull the covers back up over my head. When I wake up in the morning, more times than not, the negativity begins. The overwhelming list of to do’s, should have’s, and you’re not good enough’s start in. If I go a few days and don’t feed my mind the right things it will be a full out uphill battle to kick the negativity, but if I stay on top of my daily routines then the battle is much easier. What I continually feed my mind will automatically start to surface.

If I allow the outside world to determine my thoughts and emotions, I know what kind of day I’m going to have. A negative beat myself up day. When I start off right away being thankful for all that I have, before my feet ever hit the floor, then I get ahead in the battle for my mind.

Once my thankfulness is in order, I get my coffee, grab my books, and dive into battle mode. Directing my thoughts to higher things takes me away from the negative. Yes, I am aware that I’m not perfect, but I am persistent in my pursuit of being my best self. Yes, I am aware that I am not the highest educated person around, but I read daily to increase my knowledge. I long to be in warrior mode because I have lived the majority of my life in coward mode. For me, warrior mode is far superior because I am not hiding anymore. I love this authentic life. I want you to love your authentic life.

This week, wake up every day and prepare for warrior mode. Feed your mind, body and spirit the warrior meal plan. Get excited about being you!! Don’t live the status quo life. Throw off the inhibitions and let your beautiful life shine for others. Not sure where to start? Shoot me an email via the contact page and let’s get a plan started for you!!! Peace and success!!

Are you in the arena?

Many people will not pursue their dream due to fear. One particular fear is the fear of what others will think. I must include myself in having that fear. I was almost paralyzed by fear of others opinions of my work. How did I overcome this fear? By surrounding myself with like-minded people who encouraged me to continue with my work. Every day I keep taking steps toward my goals. Some days my steps are larger than others and some days I feel as if I am crawling on my hands and knees.

When I was in the process of publishing my book I wanted to quit daily because of the barrage of negative and fearful thoughts that went through my mind. I’m glad I didn’t quit. Meeting that goal is one of greatest accomplishments in my life.

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Brene` Brown, author of “Daring Greatly” and her research on shame and vulnerability. She has some wonderful insight on how to view this fear of others opinions.  Dr. Brown also talks about critics in some of her work and I find it important to share that insight as you embark on your journey. If you are interested in learning more about her you can check out her Ted talks here.

Dr. Brown shares a great reference from Theodore Roosevelt referring to his speech, “The man in the arena”. You can click here to see a full excerpt. In summary of the speech it is basically saying, do not care about the critics and haters, unless they are in the arena getting their ass kicked with you. I love that.

It’s easy to stand outside the arena and criticize. I would have to agree with Dr. Brown, unless you are in the arena with all of us, bloodied and beaten, then we should not give the critics our time.

Dr. Brown also shares in her work,“the greatest pain I’ve ever seen is from people who’ve spent their lives outside the arena, wondering what would’ve happened had I shown up?”

I understand that pain. I have known for years that I was destined for more than what I was allowing myself to accomplish. I was afraid of what feels like everything sometimes. It’s hard trying to figure out where to even start and then when you do start, it’s hard to stay on the path or know which way to turn. I understand, I have been there and still walk that path.

If you are just getting started on your dream, be aware, that you are going to have “nay sayers” telling you that you can’t. Some of them will be those closest to you. Do not give them time in your mind, unless they too are in the arena. Surround yourself with those in the arena, they will be honest and supportive. Seek out those companions for feedback.

My challenge to you this week is to seek out others who are pursuing their dreams and invite them into your life. Turn a deaf ear to those outside of the arena for they are letting fear run their life. As always, I am here to help you in anyway get started and begin your journey to your best self. Shoot me an email at Wishing you all peace and success.

Are you planting seeds?

Photo by Lori Vowels Photography

Photo by Lori Vowels Photography

I grew up on a farm where most of my time was spent with my family working. As I look back over those times I remember the fun that we had. I don’t think much about the work, but more about the time we spent together interacting and just being kids. Playing in the dirt, jumping into silage pits, learning to shoot guns, and exploring all the great things nature showed us. We had a playground all around us and nature was our toy box.

When my dad passed away in 2011, he was 82 years old and at his funeral the priest spoke of how my dad had planted seeds as a farmer. He also spoke of how he planted seeds as a husband, father, and friend. He shared how he planted seeds into his children and how they had grown to be productive spouses and parents themselves.

My parents showed us all how to love, work, be kind, have faith, and show compassion. These are the kinds of seeds I want to sow as well. I think of my blog and upcoming book as a way of planting those seeds. I would love to see people who are needing encouragement and a little push to take these seeds and allow them to grow.

We were all put here with a seed inside of us that holds our purpose. It is our job to find that seed and nourish it, so that it flourishes. It needs love, compassion, encouragement, wisdom, faith, insight, and a little stubbornness at times to help it take root.

Have you found your seed? If not, do you know where to look? Here are some folks that can help you get started. Adam Rico, Joel Boggess, Kathy Brunner, Kimanzi Constable, and Dan Miller. These are people that I looked to when I started my journey to find my purpose and they all helped encourage that desire. I would love to hear how you are planting seeds and how you discovered yours. You can leave a comment below or email me at Find your seed and go out and share it with the world. The world so needs love and support and you are just the person for the job!!!


Second chance at life.

IMG_8300Recently, a dear friend of mine started having back pain. It started on Sunday and he went through the week trying to find out what was causing his pain. Thursday of that same week they tried to do an MRI on him. He was in so much pain that he could not lay still long enough to have the MRI. On Friday, they sedated him to get the MRI completed. After his MRI, he was informed that he had a life threatening staph infection in his spine. He was taken to emergency surgery to have his spine scraped and begin a long process of healing. If he had gone another 24 hours without surgery he would not have been able to be saved. My friend was given a second chance at life. This is where it clicked for me. Every day that we open our eyes and go about our lives, we too, are given a second chance at life.

It doesn’t take a life threatening illness for us to be given a second chance. We get that EVERY DAY. Our problem is deciding to live our lives that way. Everything that we do begins with our mindset. If you decide tomorrow when you wake up that you have been given a second chance at life, how will that change your mindset? Will you live your life any different? What would it take to help you live your life with passion and enthusiasm? What will you do tomorrow with your second chance at life?