4 examples of when “not” to think.

Stop-SignWe are always told to use our heads. Ever been asked, “Did you even think before you acted?” Well there are certainly times in our lives when it’s best not to think. Just let it go and think about it later. I can relate to at least 4 different situations when it’s best not to think.

First, don’t ever do anything when you’re mad. That little gem of advice was shared with me many years ago. I don’t always have the self-control to follow it, but I do try. It is certainly the best practice to follow, as we make entirely too many rash decisions when anger is a part of the equation. Those decisions are typically the ones that make you feel hung over the next day. We too often regret our actions from anger induced decisions.

Second, don’t make decisions when you are tired. Usually tired means easily agitated, which is a close relative to anger.

Third, don’t make decisions when you are hungry. That’s right, hungry. At this point you are “tired” from lack of energy from lack of nutrition. Ever seen the Snickers commercial that says you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. That is a true statement. Get something to eat, wait 30 minutes then make a decision.

Fourth, don’t make decisions when you are emotional. I am going to say that this relates more to the women than the men, but it applies to them as well. When we are emotional we are truly not thinking with a clear mind. Our emotions cloud our judgment and can sway us to make irrational choices.

So the next time you are going to make a decision, stop and ask yourself, “Am I hungry, tired, angry, or emotional?” If your answer is yes to any of them, wait to decide, you will be glad you did.

Can you remember a time when one of these caused you to make a decision that you later wished you could change? I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment or suggestion about how you handle these situations.